I’ll Write What I Want!!! The Evolution of an Author

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Welcome to the official blog of Kirsten Schuder, author of the runaway hit supernatural thriller series Inside Dweller and Kingdom Come.

Authors often find themselves steeped in irony. Authors want to write, but mention a blog, and I’ve seen authors practically go into the shakes.

Most authors don’t want to self-promote or come off too sales-y. Moreover, if we talk about our own books enough, we get tired of listening to ourselves!

So, the question remains – what can an author write about on their author blog?

Welcome to my three-year personal hell. I asked, read, meditated, and prayed, but nothing came to me about what to write for my blog.

The Gift of Long-Term Frustration

When it comes to long-term frustration, I am an expert in it.

When I was about five years-old, I made a little book with children, rainbows, and butterflies. I did my first binding – a green ribbon threaded through holes made with a hole punch. I gave it to my mother and asked her to publish it for me.

She laughed. Needless to say, it never did make it to the bookstores. And, I think she eventually threw it away.

Fast forward about twenty-five years. I’m sitting in a little Italian restaurant off of the Saw Mill Parkway in Yonkers, New York. I drove up from the Bronx and my father drove from Northern Westchester County for a dinner.

At the time, my son was only a year or two old. My husband’s back was not doing well. I had to stay home for a little while to care for my family.

My father asked me what I wanted to do. Was I going to stay home forever and waste my potential?

I stated I wanted to be an author.

My father had this to say – “You can’t pursue being a writer. You will fail.”

Here’s another gem from dear ole Dad – “No one ever has an original thought. I can guarantee you that if you do think of something, someone else in the world is thinking of the same thing right this very moment.”

These set of circumstances most likely contributed to a fifteen-year writing block for fiction writing. I wouldn’t say I was unhappy, because number one, I eliminated contact with my family, and two, I am married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful children. All of them state that they believe in me.

It just took me a long time for me to believe them. After all, my own parents didn’t believe in me.

But, then I began to believe in me. I wrote more magazine articles. I wrote my thesis for my mental health counseling degree. I wrote my first book. I wrote mental health articles and almost 400 blog posts. I finally earn some of my living as a writer and editor. I’m a budding literary agent. It’s what I always wanted.

Even after all those achievements, I sat in front of an empty blog page for two years. What to write? What to write?

This is the gift of long-term frustration. You finally get to a breaking point, like Chevy Chase always did in those family vacation movies. At long last, I reached mine and made a decision. I decided that in order to feel truly free and true to myself, I would write on my author blog exactly what I want to write. I finally learned that I must put faith in my readers, that I am not writing for cardboard cutouts. I am writing for people who are interested in all sorts of things about life, like I am. Somewhere, sandwiched in between snippets of life, we get to pursue something we truly love. For me, this is reading and writing fiction that stretches the limits of our imagination.

And, I decided to include a funny little cartoon to demonstrate the last fifteen years of frustration. This might reflect some loss of sanity, but it’s okay. We all need to go a bit crazy sometimes. I commissioned a teenager, whose artwork I admire, to draw the cartoon for me. It makes me smile, so I hope it makes you smile too.

We all need to smile more, and smile at least once a day. It also helps if we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

By the way, the cartoon is not a reflection of my physical appearance. I am very much a female with a smallish nose. But who knows? Maybe I have a little guy inside me who wants to write all the time, and he throws a tantrum when he can’t.

This means, my faithful, ardent fans of sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal types of fiction, that I will either occasionally or very often go off topic.

  • I might speak about mental health topics, since I am a mental health writer and editor.
  • I might share a really cool recipe I developed. Yes, you read it right. I said, a recipe. I love sharing recipes.
  • I might share something crazy my family and I are doing.
  • I will write about what I love about science fiction and the paranormal, the meaning of life, Monty Python, etc., but maybe after I get an observation about parenting off my chest first.
  • I might write about my favorite television shows and what I like about them. I like movies too. And, giving career advice to fledgling authors.

Because, after all, this is my blog, and I’ll write what I want.

Reading this blog could possibly become the most unpredictable part of your day.

It’s what keeps life interesting.

So, please, come, visit. Sit and read a moment or a while. Sign up for my newsletter (I am anti-spam). Let’s meet, talk, laugh together, and maybe cry a bit from time to time (especially when we talk about how much writers really earn).

Feel free to talk with me, and I promise I will do my very best, always, to answer you. Leave comments or email me. Let’s start the conversation and keep it going until the wee hours of the morning.