Kirsten Schuder is an American author of the runaway hit trilogy, Inside Dweller.

Miranda Sheppard’s life is transformed when a car accident triggers a series of unexplainable paranormal phenomenon. With the help of a psychologist, a mentor, and a scientist, they discover that Miranda is not only sane, but is housing a demon bred by Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, to carry out his ultimate revenge. Created from cosmic and earthly elements, the demon has the ability to “specialize” in human misery and control every human’s heart, mind, and soul. Miranda and her newfound supporters must fight the demon dwelling within her in order to vanquish the commander of the extraterrestrial demon army and save the world from ultimate destruction.

The second book, Inside Dweller: IN-vasion details the war against the mobilization of the extraterrestrial demon army. Using everything the demons learned while Miranda was their test subject, they use the vulnerabilities of human nature to usurp every person’s control and create chaos on the planet, destroying the will and minds of every person in every quadrant of society. After all, what could be better than to have God’s beloved creations destroy themselves? Miranda and her friends are alone in their struggle to fight the dark tide encompassing the planet, all the while dodging attempts to end their lives. It seems Lucifer’s intent to destroy mankind from the inside out will be a success.

The third book of Inside Dweller is the final struggle. Mankind must learn how to evolve in order to rid them of the plague and destruction the extraterrestrial army has caused and gain control back from the demons. It is the darkest time in human history since the Black Plague. Moreover, Miranda and her team have another worry; the demons have learned how to use the trauma from past lives in order to possess the planet’s most vulnerable population, our children from the moment they are born. Just when it seems mankind is doomed, Miranda Sheppard makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister’s newborn baby and the entire planet.

Copyright and Trademark: 2016. All rights reserved.

Kirsten Schuder is represented by Rebecca Pratt of the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group.


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